Biotic 365 Review – Does It Really Work?

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Biotic 365

The human gut is home to lots of bacteria. Now one might think that this some sort of a joke or a way to prevent kids from eating scraps from the floor or something. But this is not a child’s horror tale. The adult version is that a microbiome of good bacteria inhibits the gut and promotes god digestion. Just like two sides of a coin, the bacteria also have two faces, a positive strain and a negative strain. The positive ones live in the digestive tract for good health in a symbiotic relation with the humans. But, there is a serious health risk if the population or composition of these bacteria are disturbed. The wise move is prevention is better than cure and the cure lies in Biotic 365.

This is a health supplement that works to maintain the composition of the gut health in the body. Most of the probiotics are ineffective or come with side effects. This is not the case with this supplement, however, as the formula is fully researched and formed only after studies. Moreover, the probiotic formula is based on a natural composition that helps to maintain the health of the gut.

Biotic 365 by United Probiotics is a potent probiotic supplement that makes sure that the bacterial composition of the gut is maintained to a healthy balance. This is extremely important, as not only do these bacteria contribute to a healthy digestive system that works optimally but these bacteria also train the immune system and strengthens it. There are other more responsibilities shouldered by the bacteria too. And any disturbance in the bacterial population cannot only show digestive health issues but also other problems and diseases including weight gain.

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This powerful probiotic formula is packed with 12 varying clinically proven bacterial strains that improve the health of an individual on the whole. The composition of the supplement is also natural and pure so that there are no side effects accompanying the use of this supplement.

The supplement consumption shows multiple benefits for a person such as elimination of digestive tract problems like bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome to name a few, minimization of joint pain, detoxification of toxins from the body including an efficient weight loss. All this is achieved with the aid of natural means, which makes the supplement effective.

The Importance of the Bacterial Microbiome

The bacterial zone in the gut is of great significance. It plays numerous roles such as helping in maximum absorption of nutrients in the body ad helping smooth digestion so that a person does not become victim of any gases and bloating issue. A healthy and well-balanced gut flora also prevent systematic digestive disorders such as poor digestive function, irritable bowel syndrome, and acid reflux.

On the other hand, these bacteria also strengthen the immune system so any disturbance in their population also weakens the fighter response of the body, which becomes less resistant. Inflammation, which is the root of numerous diseases is also regulated by these bacteria so that a healthy bacterial population prevents the onset of any neurodegenerative disease, joint ache ad arthritis, and even saves from cancer.

Biotic 365 helps to maintain the gut bacterial population because any imbalance in their composition will lead to an increase in inflammation, digestive and other health problems.

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How is this Product Unique?

Most of the probiotic supplements are ineffective. A study found out that the majority of these supplements are ineffective by 20% of their claimed promises. Such inefficiencies are due to poor packaging and manufacturing processes.

This is not the case with United Probiotics Biotic 365. This supplement is made to stay stable at room temperature so that the probiotic bacterial payload is as potent as it was when it was first manufactured when it reaches the customers. This is what accounts for its uniqueness and its efficiency.

At the same time, his supplement is made with a unique gel cap delivery method, which protects the probiotic bacteria in the formula until they reach their destination in the stomach. This is how the company is able to keep its word and maintain its standard of probiotic supplement that is useful and shows its positive results.

Ingredient Composition

United Probiotics Biotic 365 is based on widely researched bacterial strains. All the 12 bacterial strains in the composition are clinically proven and include Bifidobacterium strains and lactobacillus strains. There are some lesser known strains too in the formula of this supplement that deliver specific health benefits. One of the other useful strains present in this formula is saccharomyces boulardii, a strain which is harvested from yeast and grows in lychee fruit.

This bacterial strain was clinically proven in 2012 to function as a very effective biotherpeutic agent, which prevents and reduces gastrointestinal diseases including infections caused by parasites. The formula of this supplement also consists of enterococcus faecium that has been scientifically proven as well to improve colonic and digestive health.

The formula also packs prebiotic complex that is a rich source of energy. It contains a prebiotic complex of dietary fiber in the powerful combination of fructooligosaccharides with dietary fiber that speeds the rate at which this formula can colonize the digestive system and deliver positive results, consequently leading to quick health benefits.


There are several benefits of using the United Probiotics Biotic 365. Some of these are:

  • Supplement is based on a natural composition
  • There are no side effects with the product
  • Formula is based on clinically proven bacterial strains
  • Good for not only the digestive system health but also the overall health of a person
  • Effective due to its unique gel cap technology


The United Probiotics’ Biotic 365 is an efficient and potent probiotic formula that effectively shows all the results that it promises. It is free from side effects and consists of bacterial strains that are clinically proven for their fruitful advantages. Unlike the other probiotics, this supplement is effective, as it contains powerful bacterial strains that delivered properly due to its advanced formula and packaging.


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